About Tenco

Meet Tenco's leader and creator of the number one leadership & learning platform for regime change and transformation for life. Bold; brave; courageous; born to lead others into the world of personal development: self empowerment; confidence; bravery; mental and emotional resillience. Coaching and mentoring individuals to inspiration and motivation day in, day out.

The Tenco Regime

World class service delivery of a never seen before product delivering regime change through coaching and mentoring to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass and transform peoples lives globally through behavioural change. The number one leadership and learning platform to regime change and transformation for life.

What are we without our core values and the relentless consistency of living our lives non negotiably by them?

Our core values form our belief system.

Our core values and therefore our belief system is known as the Tenco Regime.

The Tenco Regime offers you the learning platform required to commit to regime, and therefore behavioural change, and also stands for the education of these core values.

Both the learning platform provided and any transformational business is one to one and hands on, where the individual and their journey to mental, physical and emotional growth and development is the focus.

The following core values are instructed and taught through world class transformational coaching and mentoring.

Where the regime is concerned, our focus, love and passion is at transformational coaching through leadership; where the enemy and opposite is transactional management through self interest where the development of the individual is not the end goal.

Leadership; its nature, complexity and all its facets truly inspires and motivates the individual to commit to regime change.

The 6 Tenco Core Values

Mental resilience & emotional intelligence

You get one shot at life-this means using, developing & experiencing all of your mental, spiritual emotional & of course physical skill sets.

Physical prowess

Becoming all you can be is at the very centre of the regime. This means mental resilience, emotional intelligence & physical prowess.


The finest personal growth & development process you can experience on the planet is found through physical education. Success, winning & being a "somebody" in life requires bravery, discipline & vision, these happen to be the very underpinning traits required when building a body.

Confidence, self esteem, motivation & inspiration

The regime is your belief system, your internal strength, your courage, but most importantly the armour you will need to live your life to its happiest and to it fullest. Without having confidence, self-esteem, strong internal motivation & inspiration you aren't even living.

Attitude is everything & going full circle

The regime forces you to reflect on your own attitude & pushes you to go full circle with yourself-something which leads to greatness.


Kindness, gratitude, honour, loyalty and leadership are all values which make an individual both great and respected. These are rare qualities and hard to find. The regime focusses it's energy and efforts on the individuals development but asks each individual to focus within, also. Taking accountability of who you are and what you have become is the first step in self help.

Meet the man behind the regime

Muscularity & Fat Loss: This is what we do


Tenco Training operates through Pure Gym based in Reading, Berkshire.

Membership to Pure Gym costs £19.99p/m. You can get more information here

Car parking is available.

Contact me via email, phone or facebook to book an appointment. If I have availability, I'll take you on.

This is an important question. Please do not hesitate to contact me for prices.

On average, it takes twelve weeks to see a meaningful transformation.

It's important to remember that you get out what you put in. As such, it's nearly impossible to give you an accurate figure.

Two facts here:

  1. 1. The Tenco Transformation hall of famers got to where they got to because they worked incredibly hard, and listened to me. They did as I said, when I said it, how I said it. Some did it based on one hour a week contact time, others based on 2-3 hours a week.
  2. 2. What you NEED is to see me for a minimum of one hour a week.

The numbers behind the man

  • 9 years muscle building, weight training, nutritional regime learning & dedication
  • 1 degree
  • 3 years since Tenco's birth
  • 119 clients
  • 23 Tenco hall of fame transformations